A Roll of Honor Commemorating the 12,000 German Jews
Who Died for their Fatherland in World War I.

'To Those
Who Remain Behind'

Mother – he won’t come home again,
The one born to you –
Wife – of all
Husbands yours was killed –
Children – you have lost your father!
A great mother
Is our land.
A hero’s death
Has a gentle hand.
Children –
Be like him,
Do not put him to shame!

Walter Heymann,

(Born on May 19, 1882, in Koenigsberg, killed on the night of 8/9 January, 1915, during an assault in the vicinity of Soissons)
Jewish Servicemen Killed in Action
In the German Army, German Navy
And German Colonial Forces

Leaflet: To all German mothers!

Babi Yar ...
Published by:
The Reich Association of Jewish Combat Veterans 1932