A Roll of Honor Commemorating the 12,000 German Jews
Who Died for their Fatherland in World War I.

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Judischen Gefallenen Letters

The President of the Reich Berlin, October 3, 1932
Dear Dr. Lowenstein!

        I express my cordial thanks to the Reich Association of Jewish Combat Veterans for their good wishes on my 85th birthday as well as for the gift of flowers and the Commemorative Album. I accept the book in respectful memory of those comrades from your ranks fallen for the Fatherland and will make it a part of my war library.

      With comradely greetings!
            (signed) Von Hindenburg

The Reich Association of Jewish Combat Veterans
Attn: Dr. Lowenstein, Captain of the Reserves, Retired
Kurfurstendamm 200
Berlin W 15

        The noblest German blood is that which is shed by German soldiers for Germany. To these also belong the 12,000 killed in action from German Jewry, who thereby earnestly in their turn successfully passed the test of blood in the German sense of the word. To the extent that their names could still be identified, they are perpetuated in this book, which their comrades who came home again respectfully dedicate to their memory.

      (signed) Dr. Leo Lowenstein
      Captain of the Reserves
      President of the RAJCV